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candid_cameras's Journal

Candid Cameras
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Candid Photographs of People in Public
Me w/Kirl:

This is a community in which to post any photograph of one or more persons in a public place (be it a park, street corner, museum, grocery store, well you get the point ...) which they were not aware of you shooting their image(s) without their permission and/or photos of them catching you doing same. This is not to be confused with voyeurism or stalking. The following is worth reading and will most likely answer any questions or concerns about shooting people with your camera in public:

Everyone is welcome to join. Whether you are a professional or non- professional photographer.

To be a member with posting privileges you must post one photo (or more) at least once a month and no more than one post in a one 12 hour time frame. (Multiple photographs in one post are ok, but only one may be visible, the rest and/or all must be behind an lj-cut).

When joining this community please write a brief introduction of yourself that includes but is not limited to the following information (this can be done with your first photo post to the community):

Name (you do not have to state your last name if you do not wanna)
Location (City, state, country)
Photo of yourself

Basic Rules:

Rules (Which may be added to and/or changed at the whim of the maintainers of this site at any time for whatever reason or none that they may wish to explain or not as to why):

Anything goes except the following:

Post only photographs that you yourself have shot.

No self portraits (except in your introduction to join this site), studio work or snapshots of family and friends.

Candid Photos are shots of person(s) (in Public) that would not necessarily be expecting (or wanting) to be photographed and/or at least caught off guard (it is ok if you capture them catching you in the act of shooting them). Use best judgement as to what you think qualifies for a "Candid" Photo of a person(s). We will ;)

Photography with nudity is allowed only if captured in public and must be behind a cut.

No porn (we will know it when we see it, haha)

English is the official language of this site. But everyone from every part of the planet Earth is welcome to join.

No photos can be posted that are over 800 in width by 600 in height in size. Anything larger must be behind a lj-cut.

Constructive criticisms of posts are allowed. But insults/profanity, personal attacks and such will not be tolerated.

Always give basic information of the photograph you are posting (Date/Place/Time).

Basic editing to photographs posted, such as to contrast, size, framing, and the like are ok. Photo shopped photographs are not allowed (changing a color photo to black & white or sepia is ok).

No advertising of on-line retail and/or for sexual services are allowed.

Anyone breaking the above rules more than 3 times will be subject to being banned from this site. Exceptions may be granted at the whim of the moderators.